Unique Forever: Joey Bada$$ Says Goodbye To ‘Raising Kanan,’ Fans Want Ronnie Gone Immediately

Unique Forever: Joey Bada$$ Says Goodbye To ‘Raising Kanan,’ Fans Want Ronnie Gone Immediately

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan / Joey Bada$$

It didn’t take long for Power Book III: Raising Kanan to kill off one of its most beloved characters. 

Spoiler alert for those who have not begun watching season 3 of Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Fans of Raising Kanan should have known season three would go there. It only took one episode to deliver a shocking death, with Detective Burke’s (Shanley Caswell) time in the series ending at the hands of her shady partner, Detective Howard (Omar Epps).

Season 3 also introduced us to Ronnie (Grantham Coleman), the terrifying and enigmatic brother of Unique (Joey Bada$$). Immediately, viewers knew something was off with Ronnie when we first met him. By episode 4, and especially the fifth episode, we learn he is no joke.

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

In the fifth episode, “My Brother’s Keeper,” Unique’s patience with his brother, who is fresh out from prison, runs out after he makes moves behind his back and outs his relationship with his former nemesis, Raq (Patina Miller) to his baby mama.

Unique finds his brother, and a big fight ensues that had many viewers excited that maybe Ronnie’s time finally ran out, but shockingly, it was Unique’s time on the show that ended.


Man, wtf was that ending?! Streets got the wrong body! pic.twitter.com/GNH4aDcm82

— Rachel. (@_loveRachel_) December 29, 2023

In an Instagram post, the Brooklyn rapper addressed his fans about his exit, simply saying, “It was an honor and a pleasure,” along with a video montage featuring Unique.

Joey Bada$$ Was Excited To Let Ronnie Take Over The Villain Role

In an exclusive interview with CassiusLife’s Men’s Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer Bernard “Beanz” Smalls, Bada$$ said he was excited to let Ronnie take over the villain role and be looked at as more of a hero.

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel too bad because everybody knows that Unique could go there. Everybody knows that he won’t hesitate to go there. But I enjoy moving away from the villain, the guy that you hate to love, and more of this heroic type of guy as we’ve seen ended in season two,” he told CassiusLife.

He also praised Coleman’s performance as Ronnie, saying, “Just like Unique, there’s no character in the universe that’s been like this. There’s no other Ronnie. He’s truly a one-of-one. And I think people are going to be really blown away by Grantham’s performance of the character. So yeah, to say the least, it’s been an honor to share that spotlight with my big brother.”

Well, we have to salute Joey Bada$$ for his performance as Unique. It was masterful. You can see reactions to Unique’s death, and Ronnie’s crazy a** in the gallery below.

Photo: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

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