Dave Chappelle Makes Trans & Disabled Jokes In New Netflix Comedy Special, Social Media’s Not Laughing

Dave Chappelle Makes Trans & Disabled Jokes In New Netflix Comedy Special, Social Media’s Not Laughing

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For the last several years, comedian Dave Chappelle has managed to come out of hiding annually and drop a politically incorrect comedy special that simultaneously upsets several communities.

This year was no different, as Chappelle celebrated New Year’s Eve by releasing his latest Netflix special, The Dreamer.

Despite his constant war with the transgender community, Chappelle immediately shows that he’s still willing to go there and even kicks off the show with a trans joke.

He opens with a bit about being a huge fan of Jim Carrey and getting to meet him on the Man on the Moon set in 1999. However, the experience didn’t go as Chappelle had anticipated, as he compares it to dealing with the trans community.

The best part of this Dave Chappelle bit is that the whole thing is an homage to Norm. The setup cites “the late, great Norm Macdonald,” and then the entire joke is a Norm-style shaggy dog with a typically unrelated punchline.pic.twitter.com/p4aABw3Hqx

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“I was very disappointed because I wanted to meet Jim Carrey, and I had to pretend he was Andy Kaufman all afternoon. It was clearly Jim Carrey. I could look at him and clearly see it was Jim Carrey,” Chappelle says before delivering the punchline. “I say all that to say … that’s how trans people make me feel.”

From there, Chappelle’s jokes get even more divisive as he takes aim at disabled folks.

“Tonight, I’m doing all handicapped jokes. They’re not as organized as the gays, and I love punching down,” he said.

It begins with a story about being on Capitol Hill and meeting former republican congress member Madison Cawthorn who, despite having his own sexual misconduct allegations, alleges that a fellow lawmaker invited him to an orgy and did cocaine in front of him. He also happens to be wheelchair-bound.
“I don’t doubt they do this shit in Washington [but] who the f-ck invites a paraplegic to an orgy?” Chappelle wondered.

Chappelle attempts to roast him even further, saying, “Then I just walked away. I wanted him to see me do something he couldn’t do. I skipped.”

Elsewhere in the special, Chappelle addressed the Chris Rock and Will Smith slap, quipping that he thought it was a skit at first and was astonished at the lack of immediate repercussions.

“I was offended. I wasn’t just offended he got slapped. That was only half of it. The real offensive part was after the slap, Will just sat down and enjoyed the rest of his evening,” Chappelle said.

Smith, however, isn’t the only one to get attacked on stage, as Chappelle had his own incident at the Hollywood Bowl in 2022 when a man rushed the stage with a fake gun.


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Chappelle’s new special is already garnering mixed opinions on social media. See some of the reactions below.


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