Kevin Hart Responds To Katt Williams Calling Him An Industry Plant, Social Media Reacts

Kevin Hart Responds To Katt Williams Calling Him An Industry Plant, Social Media Reacts

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As comedians come out of the woodwork to respond to Katt Williams’ viral interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, one responded on national television.

Kevin Hart’s lending his comedic talents to NBA Unplugged alongside his friends, collectively known as the Plastic Cup Boyz. While joking during the New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers broadcast, Hart brought up a fun fact that was hilariously untrue about Williams’ stake in the Knicks.

Kevin Hart responds to Katt Williams on NBA Unplugged.

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“Another fun fact about the New York Knicks, I don’t know if you guys know this, but Katt Williams bought the Knicks, and it’s rumored that he took the Knicks back, returned them with a receipt,” Hart said. “He’s the first person to ever do that. He bought them for 15 days and returned them. That’s another fun fact about the New York Knicks.”

Although wholly made up, it references some of the outlandish claims Williams made in the interview, like getting accepted to college at seven years old and suggesting that at 52 years old, he could run a 40-yard dash in just over 4 seconds.

Hart keeps the joke going, saying that Williams actually played for the Knicks, reads 3,000 books a year, and finds it surprising that he didn’t make the local news upon getting accepted to college at 7.

“The biggest secret in the world. Smartest kid to ever do it but they keep it a secret,” Hart says.

The broadcast then cuts to the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers pregame just as Ja Morant’s entering the arena, and Hart can’t help but bring up Williams again.

“Another known fact: Katt dropped [Morant] off,” Hart said. “He gave him a ride.”

The beef between the two comedians ignited after Williams had smoke for him during last week’s Club Shay Shay interview, where he insinuated that Hart’s an industry plant and his comedic career wasn’t organic.

“In 15 years in Hollywood, no one has a memory of going to a sold-out Kevin Hart show, [there] being a line for him, him getting a standing ovation at any comedy club,” Williams told Sharpe. “He already had his deals when he got here. Have we heard of a comedian that came to LA and, in his first year in LA, is on his own sitcom on network television, and had his own movie called Soul Plane, and he was leading? No. We’ve never heard of that before that person or since that person. What do you think a plant is?”

See how social media is reacting to Hart’s response below.

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