How To Plan A Release (Burn) Party For Everything You Want To Leave Behind In 2023

How To Plan A Release (Burn) Party For Everything You Want To Leave Behind In 2023

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A burn or release party is the perfect way to end 2023. As the year comes to an end, it’s a great time to review and revise the corridors of your life to make room for fresh starts. One of the best ways to clear out old energy is with a release party. Whether you decide to do this one solo (highly recommended because releases can come with tears) or with the support of a few people you know and trust, making time to grieve and release will ultimately help you declutter your mind and make room for more blessings. Here are a few tips to get started, but remember, making any end-of-year ritual your own is important. 

Clean out your closet, literally.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year to Marie Kondo your closet. Take inventory of stuff you’ve accumulated over the past year (or more). Do those shoes still fit, or are they uncomfortable? Is that jacket you’ve had in the back of your closet for months outdated? Do those pants even fit, or can you make room for something cozier? You can even hire a professional organizer if you can afford it. Excess possessions take up a lot of physical space and mental space. So put all the stuff you don’t need in a trash bag, thank it for its services, and donate!

Get rid of any gifts/items belonging to exes.

Okay, so many of us like to keep a few keepsakes from our past, but what if holding on is precisely why you can’t let go? As you clean your closet, make sure to also empty out any old notes, gifts, or clothes/shoes from old lovers, especially if your New Year intentions include welcoming in new love. We don’t need to go into 2024 with old baggage (literally). 

Do a deep clean of your technology, too.

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While you’re at it, wipe old photos, voice notes, and text messages from exes/old friends from your phone and laptop, too. Hate it or love it; our tech is now an extension of ourselves. So even if you think it’s innocent to read old texts and get lost in nostalgia, at some point, you have to accept the past is the past. In order to welcome in the new, you must be fully immersed in the present. It’s hard to do that with old memories haunting your cell. And if you have a few numbers to block or pages to unfollow on IG, go for it! This is all about ensuring anything connected to you is free from old soul ties.

Journal about the thought patterns you want to leave behind.

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After all the cleaning, it’s time to assess your mental space with some good ol’ journaling. Are there any negative thought patterns you would like to release? Is there anyone you want to forgive, even if that’s yourself? Is there a way that you used to work that feels a little toxic? Are there friend and family dynamics that you think are now outdated? Whatever you want to release, write it all out. 

Host a burn party to celebrate the end of 2023.

You can do a burn party by yourself or with a few of your besties but try to keep the crew tight. You and your guests would find a safe space to burn your release lists either one at a time or together. Please exercise fire safety rules by burning paper in a fireplace or outside in a controlled fire pit, and make sure you have plenty of water or a fire extinguisher nearby. You can either read what you’re releasing aloud, say it quietly to yourself, and then drop it in the fire. As you watch the paper burn, you can literally imagine the old slowly burning away as the paper turns to ash. Ash is soil and now fertile ground to plant a new beginning. Congratulate yourself! Letting go is a huge accomplishment. 

Write a list of what you’re welcoming in.

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After the burning is done, you have plenty of open space for new thought patterns, relationship dynamics, or new ways to approach work. Now, you must fill the empty space with the new. Make a list of “welcoming in” statements, like I am welcoming in friendships that match the capacity of my own heart, or I am welcoming in work that pays me abundantly for my gifts. Whatever it is, write the vision, make it plain, and store it somewhere safe. You’ll want to review this list at the end of 2024 to gauge how much has changed. 

Would you ended 2023 with a burn party?


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