‘Baddies East’ Star Sky Days Credits Her Grown Woman Glow-Up To Therapy

‘Baddies East’ Star Sky Days Credits Her Grown Woman Glow-Up To Therapy

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Sky is leading with love these days. The reality TV star, who developed a loyal fanbase showcasing her authentic and fearless personality on VH1’s former tattoo shop drama Black Ink Crew, has returned to the spotlight on Zeus Network’s hot show Baddies East. But there’s something very different about Sky. She’s on her grown woman ish. With a megawatt smile etched across her face, she is proof that therapy (and a pandemic) can lead to healthy growth.

I caught up with Sky Days to chat about her experience on this season of Baddies East and what inspired her transformative glow-up.

Sky signed onto our Zoom session puffing on greenery and a glass of wine. Her peaceful energy was instantly felt. She’s in a different space as we watched on this season of Baddies. Sky has managed to remain calm amid chaos, which she attributed to “a lot of healing. A lot of love. A lot of family. A lot of getting things together mind, body, and spirit.” Oh and, therapy.

While she has never been opposed to therapy, Sky made a conscious effort to go after leaving Black Ink Crew. Combined with the Covid pandemic forcing us all to look inward during unprecedented times, the beloved influencer, and businesswoman underwent a healing journey.

“I went and really took some time for me and I’m so happy I did. And I did a lot of growing. I’m a grown-ass woman. it wouldn’t be the same girl from a year ago I would pray. I would pray there would be some growth when I did come back.”

Sky revealed her mother is extremely proud of her growth.

Baddiest East

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Sky reemerged on Zeus presenting the matured, in “control” version of herself. “I’m thankful for Zeus to allow me to rebrand myself in that way to show where I’m at because a lot of people expected a lot of things. I’m just happy that it’s still me,” she revealed.

As for her experience in the Baddies East house, Sky said there was a lot of sisterhood and comradery between the girls that cameras didn’t catch. “I wish there were more cameras in the house for those intimate moments, she explained. “We still all converse with one another. Kids call me their aunt. That sh*t makes my soul smile.”

When asked what she thought about the narrative that the ladies in House B didn’t have one another’s backs, she said, “I’m just meeting a lot the girls, and I don’t really know what’s expected of me and a lot of these beefs are carried from previous seasons.” She added, “You don’t know how serious or how real this is about to be. The love, as I said, has grown and is very real. You’ll see at the reunion.”

Baddies East Reunion

NeNe Leakes hosted the Badides East reunion. Sky didn’t spill much tea but she does agree with Sukihana, who shared her thoughts about the reunion after they taped, that it is the best Baddies reunion ever. She did confirm “There was dialogue that took place.” And that ET and Tesehki fought. She also said NeNe looked “Fantabulous!” And was present from beginning to end during the melee.

As for what went down, Sky said to stay tuned to Zeus because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her now that she is a part of the Zeus family. During our conversation Sky spoke highly of the Zeus Network, complimenting their glam teams who got them fab for their confessionals.

She is also working on a skincare line and robes line. Keep up with her on Youtube.

Watch the full interview, here.


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