Perfect Casting: 15 Actor Pairings We Hope Make It To The Big Screen

Perfect Casting: 15 Actor Pairings We Hope Make It To The Big Screen

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The general belief that two of anything is better than one is a notion that can be universally applied — the holy book of Ecclesiastes [4: 9-12] even states that having two can lead to a “good return” in terms of joint labor. That especially rings true when it comes to casting movies in Hollywood, as two A-list stars at the helm of a blockbuster film are almost certain to rake in bigger bucks compared to simply banking on one.

We’re willing to bet that Warner Bros. figured as much for its upcoming sequel to the 2007 apocalyptic thriller, I Am Legend, as lead star Will Smith officially confirmed that rising star Michael B. Jordan is set to join him as the second lead star.

Will Smith confirms he will star in ‘I AM LEGEND 2’ with Michael B. Jordan.

“I have a call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow. The script just came in. We’re going with the DVD version where my character lived.”


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Those who saw I Am Legend might be scratching their heads while trying to figure out how Smith is set to return based on the way things ended for his character. However, the 55-year-old Oscar winner made it clear that producers of I Am Legend 2 will be continuing the story based on the alternate ending included on the film’s DVD (seen above). This leaves room for his character, Dr. Robert Neville, to not only return but also have 36-year-old Jordan join on for a role that many are assuming will be Dr. Neville’s son.

Either way they decide to end the world this time around, we’re just glad to see Smith and Jordan bringing two generations of Black Hollywood together and finally giving movie aficionados what they’ve been waiting for: double star power! It got us thinking of a few other dream duos that need to get with the program and tag team on film. Some of our pairings are actually related, others just have an uncanny resemblance to each other and a few simply have been in the game for far too long to have not worked together on a bigger scale.

Keep scrolling to see who we picked as 15 actor pairings that would break the box office in half. Let us know if you can think of a few other big screen dream duos:


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