Is Kenya Moore Suspended From ‘RHOA’? The Star Says She’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’

Is Kenya Moore Suspended From ‘RHOA’? The Star Says She’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’

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Has Kenya Moore been kicked off the Real Housewives of Atlanta? According to some blog sites, rumor mills, and news coverage, possibly so.

The new salon owner finds herself in a public firestorm after reports of her alleged ill-intentioned behavior against a fellow RHOA cast member. Several sources say Kenya put up sexually suggestive pictures of up-and-comer Brittany Eady at her event last week without Brittany’s approval.

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‘RHOA’ insiders say Kenya Moore is suspended,  Season 16 taping reportedly continues.

A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Kenya was suspended for allegedly depicting Brittany performing a sexual act at the grand opening of her Kenya Moore Hair Spa in Atlanta, from images allegedly found online. The network is still reviewing the content Kenya displayed during filming.”

Brittany was reportedly not present at the salon opening. And, Page Six says ‘the recipient’ of the alleged sexual act in the images remains unidentified.

In true Bravo franchise fashion, as the number of days since the incident increases, so does the drama. That’s right, the tea is hot, the shade is being thrown, and the court of public opinion grows.

Kenya denies involvement saying ‘she’s not going anywhere.’ Brittany Eady expresses hurt.

Kenya vehemently denies the accusations. “I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail,” the Twirl Team member wrote on Twitter/X on June 8.

More recently, she reportedly jumped on Instagram Live to directly address reports. Atlanta’s WSBTV reports that on June 14 she told fans, “The way that people go out of their way to disparage your name or ruin your business, I’ll never understand it. Leave me alone. I’m a single mom. I’m out here just like anybody else.” She continued to ask fans to support her.

“I’m not going anywhere, despite all the stuff surrounding whatever… people want to write.” Kenya reportedly snapped back.

Brittany, on the other hand, has expressed hurt regarding the incident. In a disappearing Instagram Story, she reportedly posted, “It’s ever a good feeling being targeted or HAZED by someone I thought would embrace me into a new circle that I never met.”

Other episodes of this RHOA drama include alleged threats on Kenya’s life– Brittany and other sources say she doesn’t own a weapon – and leaked audio where Kenya allegedly described Brittany as an ‘escort.’

Whew, chile! To paraphrase fellow Atlanta Peach Marlo Hampton, this story ‘today drained us.’

Let’s be clear: Tearing down fellow Black women is never appropriate.

Season 16 of Real Housewives of Atlanta has yet to air, but the twists, turns, and trouble seem to be already brewing. While some fans have shrugged off the rumors and classified them as fodder for better storylines, others point to deeper issues.

Let’s be clear: Tearing down fellow Black women for clout (or any reason for that matter) is never appropriate. No matter what industry we are in, supporting each other should always be our main priority.

Despite the story’s outcome and the truth about who did what, the situation is a timely reminder of the pressures Black women face on reality TV. We’re often expected to be loud, dramatic, over-the-top, and messy for entertainment value. But this stereotype can be damaging and culture cursing, perpetuating negative images of Black womanhood.

We hope both RHOA stars can come together, get to the truth, apologize where appropriate, and move on.

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