10 Most Notable Rap Beefs Throughout History [Gallery]

10 Most Notable Rap Beefs Throughout History [Gallery]

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The rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is not the first of its kind. Feuds between notable rappers have been going on since the inception of Hip Hop. Some of which became far more volatile than what we are witnessing in 2024. Check out the most notable rap beefs throughout history inside.

More recently, Diddy’s son King Combs dropped a diss track that allegedly calls out 50 Cent. Since the allegations against his father have been circulating the media, he felt it was important to address the rumors surrounding the police raid that took place at several of Diddy’s properties.

“I dare one of you niggas yell out ‘No Diddy,’” King Combs raps on the diss track.

Check it out here:

TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT | Diddy’s son King Combs has apparently released a diss track calling out 50 cent and anyone else speaking against his father.

“I dare one of you n****s to say NO DIDDY!” pic.twitter.com/Km2CkhBy0w

— KenBarbie (@itsKenBarbie) May 13, 2024

50 Cent has been a common name amongst rap beef for many years, and fans can find his name on this list at least twice.

Most notably, Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been trending across social media for their back and forth diss tracks. It may be remembered as one of the greatest rap beefs of all time, because Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” has seen unbelievable streaming numbers. DJs across the States have been spinning the record as if it were an official single. It’s been that influential on the culture and unlike anything this generation of Hip Hop heads have ever seen before.

Let’s take it back to some of the most legendary rap beefs throughout history below:

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