Yeah, Glo! GloRilla Sheds Light On The Challenges Black Women Face In The Music Industry

Yeah, Glo! GloRilla Sheds Light On The Challenges Black Women Face In The Music Industry

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GloRilla is on a press tour for “Ehhthang, Ehhthang,” her highly anticipated new album, which drops on April 5. Through multiple interviews, fans are getting to know the Memphis rapper—and her thoughts on the industry—more intimately than before. 

The 24-year-old is unapologetic yet humble in her approach to hip-hop. And she recently shared her experiences as an up-and-coming female artist on the Tamron Hall Show. Keep scrolling to see how Glo sheds light on issues many Black women face in music, entertainment, and beyond.

GloRilla is that girl – and now everyone is beginning to notice.

“Big Glo,” whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, has taken the hip-hop industry by storm. In just a few short years since starting her official rap career in 2019, she has collaborated and performed with some of the hottest femcees in the game, such as Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, taken her talents on various stages and platforms, and inspired young Black girls everywhere. (Just last month, Glo went viral after visiting the White House).

And she’s done this all while giving over-the-top style and fabulous hair and makeup glam mixed with her lovable Memphis twang. As GloRilla told Tamron on April 3, “I’m just me.”


In terms of awards, she’s racked up a few. She’s BET‘s 2022 Best New Artist and iHeartRadio’s 2023 Best New Artist. She’s also been nominated for a Grammy, an American Music Award, and MTV Music Video Awards.

GloRilla speaks about the pressures of the hip-hop industry on female rappers.

Despite achieving so much early on in her career, GloRilla still recognizes the challenges women face in hip-hop. She highlighted these inherent double standards in her conversation with Tamron this week. 

The “Let’s Go” rapper described them as “pressures.”

“The pressure is different because a man, a male rapper, can just go out there, walk across the stage, and just say they lyrics,” Glo told the Tam Fam while rocking a platinum blonde, swooped bang unit. “They can just wear anything: extremely big clothes. Nobody is going to say nothing. It might be cute to them. We have to have our hair on point, like we can’t have a toenail or nail off. They gonna have something to say.”

She continued sharing that glam costs are high in the industry, as are the fees for choreography and various stage elements. According to the artist, male rappers don’t tend to have these costs that women often pay alone.

The “Hot Girl Summer” tourmate continued, “It costs more, most definitely, for a female performer. Because we’re going to actually give a show, I feel like. So it’s more pressure on us because they expect more out of us than they do with males.”

However, GloRilla is unfazed by the pressures and determined to keep climbing, performing, and achieving. When Tamron asked if she “cracked under pressure,” she said, “No, I’m going to give them what they want.”

Watch the full interview clip here.


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