No Subliminal: The Best Rap Diss Records Of All Time

No Subliminal: The Best Rap Diss Records Of All Time

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Rap has always been a genre of music that not only appreciates petty disagreements, but it encourages them.

We’ve listed some of our favorite diss tracks of all time below. Trust me, No. 23 is one that you may not know about – but certainly don’t want to miss!

Rap beef and ‘diss records‘ have been around for decades. Most of hip-hop’s highest-ranked members have almost certainly been involved in back-and-forths on wax during their careers.

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Plus, let’s be honest. Most of us love the pettiness that comes from diss songs. As listeners, they keep us on our toes. They also give fans ammunition to use in their ‘best rapper alive’ arguments.

However, there’s a difference between subliminal bars and an entire verse or song specifically aimed at a certain person. This generation has gotten away from the up-frontedness of a good diss song. Subliminal bars leave the purpose of the rhyme up in the air. It allows bloggers and commenters to freely assign whatever narrative they’d like to push, without having any real incite as to whether the rapper was dissing someone – or just trying to make a dope rhyme.

With all that said, there’s a civil war brewing right now, and a lot of the vitriol seems to be aimed in the direction of a light-skinned MC from Canada. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

For now, keep scrolling and check out our favorite rap diss records of all time!

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