Savannah James Just Scored From The Sidelines With A $60,000 Rare Hermes Bag

Savannah James Just Scored From The Sidelines With A $60,000 Rare Hermes Bag

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On Saturday (March 2) evening, sports superstar LeBron James became the first NBA player to score 40,000 points. But what (or whom) everyone is talking about is his wife, Savannah James.

As cameras spanned the crowd following LeBron’s history-making basket, they zeroed in on his wife. Cheering from the sidelines at the Los Angeles Lakers’ match-up against the Denver Nuggets, Savannah looked flawless.

After the mother of three stood up and cheered, social media went into a frenzy. And for good reason – the Akron native is gorgeous.

Savannah James’ rare Hermes Kelly mini bag is a slam dunk.

Savannah rocked a dark grey monochromatic look at the game. The ‘fit included a cropped blazer with funky, exaggerated shoulders and wide-leg pants.

A royal blue limited-edition Hermes Epsom Quelle Idole Picto Kellydoll handbag hung on her wrist. Savannah’s luxe bag first appeared in Hemes’ Spring/Summer 2022 collection as a re-imagined version of the 2000 Kellydoll bag. The design is unique and digital-like.

Retailing for upwards of $60,000 or more, the purse is fun, playful, and the perfect accessory for a casual chic ‘fit. See the beautiful bag captured below.

Savannah James celebrating LeBron reaching 40,000 career points

— Bronupdates (@Bronupdates) March 3, 2024

Savannah James’ mane event at the historic game.

While we love the 37-year-old’s courtside couture, her signature blonde hair also has us swooning. Styled by Davontae’ Washington, her hair is always the mane attraction.

Savannah’s hair flowed in face-framing soft layers with waves and a middle part. Her blonde hue matched her skin tone perfectly, making her melanin glow and makeup pop.

See Davontae’ and Savannah below in a story shared on the stylist’s Instagram stories.

Savannah James

— Bronupdates (@Bronupdates) March 3, 2024

Savannah James has been that girl.

News of Savannah’s ever-present style and beauty comes just a few days after the fashionista was jet-setting and fashion scouting overseas. She shared some of her experiences on her Instagram page.

Savannah called Korea “really cool,” and a good destination for “design inspiration.”

Savannah is known for her fierce attitude, subtle sexiness, and chic and sporty style. She sets the standard for the elite beauty and soft girl life. We love to see her getting the attention and fashion flowers she deserves.

She’s been that girl – and tonight was just another example of how her trendsetting style continues to score from the sidelines.


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