Energy Healing 101: What Is A Sound Bath Reiki Meditation?

Energy Healing 101: What Is A Sound Bath Reiki Meditation?

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This past weekend, I tapped into my spiritual side and hosted my first reiki meditation in partnership with Italia, sound meditation healer. I became a certified reiki practitioner in 2021, but imposter syndrome kept me from advertising my services. I’d take a few clients here and there, but I decided to focus on the other parts of myself that felt easier to digest.

I am a multifaceted person. I’m a journalist by trade, but I’m also a creative. My purpose is rooted in helping other people recognize their power and use it to create the lives they want to live. My role as an editor allows me to accurately tell Black stories that empower others through their tales of courage and resilience. When I’m not working my 9-5, I focus on promoting wellness and mental health strategies so that Black women aren’t stuck with a full plate and an empty cup.

How Reiki helped me discover my purpose

I became intrigued by energy healing when found myself on a road of self-discovery, with reiki sessions illuminating my path. I received my first session over 12 years ago from Janine Owens, certified reiki practitioner, spirit guide, and numerologist. I was intrigued by her ability to assess my energy, giving me insight on the chakras that were not aligned. Through our sessions, she’d pinpoint the things holding me back. She’d highlight my lack of confidence, the need to speak up for myself, and so much more. Then she’d provide me with tips and suggestions on how to work through my blocks.

In 2020, I had no idea what my purpose was. I was 36 and hyper-focused on becoming a mother. In my mind, my next steps were to find a partner, settle down and have children. I was ready to trade in my creative side to explore a more traditional life. Through reiki, I realized that was not the road meant for me to travel. That year, I relaunched my website, started a podcast, and created a family of affirmation decks. The following year, I became a certified reiki practitioner.

What is a Reiki Meditation?

Reiki is defined as a pseudoscientific form of energy healing. The practitioner assesses the energy of the subject while they’re in a meditative state. By scanning the body and chakras, the practitioner addresses the areas that are unaligned. Reiki is known to reduce stress and anxiety, while promoting relaxation.

At the end of a meditation, a person might feel more relaxed, experience clarity, or they could feel hyper-emotional, depending on their current life circumstances. Both the practitioner and the client discuss common themes that appeared during the meditation. What colors did they see? Do those colors align with a chakra that needs to be nourished? No detail is too small.

Sound Bath X Reiki

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When you mix the soothing melody of singing bowls with reiki, it becomes the ultimate therapeutic experience. The sounds and vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, and tuning forks can create a cleansing and immersive feeling.

A sound bath partnered with a reiki meditation provides a safe, welcoming space for people to discover different parts of themselves while addressing the mental blocks that prohibit them from fully thriving.

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In 2024, I decided it was time to highlight more than just the digestible parts of myself, so when an organic conversation between Italia and me led to us collaborating on an event, I jumped in head first. We rented a space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and offered people an opportunity to experience the healing and restorative power of a sound bath and reiki meditation for free.

We decided to host the event during a time when the astrological energy was at peak potency. With the lunar eclipse, full worm moon, spring equinox, and the start of Aries season happening within days of each other, it was a great time to tap into the energy.

Sticking to the astrology theme, Be Rooted sponsored their zodiac journals to all attendees.

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In the middle of an unruly rain storm,12 people attended a sold-out reiki sound bath meditation, and it was amazing. Check out the highlights below!


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