Clay Gravesande’s Mother, Margarita, Was The Hero Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6

Clay Gravesande’s Mother, Margarita, Was The Hero Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6

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Clay Gravesande is the most hated man on TV right now. The “Love Is Blind” star, whose scripture reading and smooth-talking, became a standout in the pods. If you haven’t watched season six of the polarizing Netflix series, Clay and AD (Amber Desiree Smith) fell in love sight unseen in the pods and Clay got down on one knee to propose to the beauty.

In the pods, we watched AD challenge Clay’s misogynistic and shallow tendencies when she had to remind him “Love Is Blind” is an experiment that challenges the role appearance plays in finding love. When Clay persisted to ask AD about her looks, saying things like, “I just have to be attracted to you” and “my favorite attribute is lips, butt, and all that stuff. That sounds so shallow but hearing what your best attributes are, if I’mma propose, that’s something I need to know.”

Clay smiling and nodding in AD’s face when she says “I Do” is another level of wickedness. I hope his hairline recedes to the back of his fcking neck

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Clay Gravesande: Love Is Blind

Clay also made it abundantly clear, that he did not think he could be a faithful husband despite the known fact, “Love Is Blind” ends at the altar. “I’m always having a fear of, ‘Can I just be with one person?’” he told the cameras. I also thought it was particularly cringe when he and AD first laid eyes on one another and she had to do a full 360 turn to reveal her backside before he uttered the words, “I can work with that” as if her only worth is her backside.

It was clear from the jump that Clay was a big a** walking red flag, but many of us were shocked on the wedding day, after a romantic honeymoon and the duo seemingly making it work (at least in the bedroom), that Clay said “I don’t” in the face of his blushing bride, who had just proclaimed, “I do.” Unlike his co-star Jimmy, Clay didn’t give AD the respect she deserved by avoiding going to the alter all together. Instead, he cemented himself as one of the biggest reality TV villains — a toxic Black man with generational wounds.

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The unlikely hero of the episode proved to be Clay’s mother, Margarita, who in a scene after the shocking ceremony, reduced Clay’s father to dust without ever raising her voice. It should be noted Margarita, embraced AD as she walked back down the aisle incredulously that her engagement ended so abruptly. She showed that she is a class act.

During the season, Clay revealed details about his father Trevor’s infidelities during a candid chat with his mom. He constantly talked about how their divorce affected him. Clay’s father made his first appearance on the show moments before Clay is set to make one of the biggest decisions of his life. Instead of offering some sound advice or keys to not be like him, he boasted about his former days as an athlete. We had already heard stories about his cheating ways, but seeing him in action was enough to explain how his son turned out to be a f*ck boy.

Margarita and Trevor chopped it up after the wedding when she told him about himself and what he needed to do to grant his son some peace. he mentioned he has commitment issues despite wanting to be in a long-term relationship.

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“A lot of that stems from things that you have to explain, and then apologize,” she scolded. “Don’t make excuses—just apologize. So that closure can be had.”

Clay’s father, who didn’t have the best example for a father, retorted how his father was absent. “Although we came from broken families, that doesn’t mean that we have to pass that brokenness to our kids,” she clapped back. “Your past and the things that you witness—it’s part of your DNA and part of your inside. And if you don’t get freakin’ help, you bring that shit into the next thing…. The fact that [Clay] did this process, he wants to be in a long-term relationship. He wants that.”

In an attempt to, I have no clue, make the situation lighter Trevor complimented Margarita for being a great woman. “Tell him to meet someone like his mom,” he said. “You met me, but you wasn’t good to me,” she responded. And with that, he dissipated into a plume of smoke. 

Watching Clay’s mom on Love Is Blind Season 6 was like witnessing a masterclass in ‘Not Today, Sir’. She served her baby daddy a full course of reality checks with a side of unbothered, all while his fake tears flowed. Someone get this woman a show! #BlackQueens #LoveIsBlindS6

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Season six of “Love Is Blind” ended on a sour note, but that, honey, was worth it!


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