4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Church Home

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Church Home

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As the new year kicks off, you may find yourself wanting to change some things in your daily life, and though making life changes is never easy, it sometimes feels natural when you find things and places that feed your soul.

This year, you may want to switch careers, states, or even church homes. However, leaving a place you’ve grown accustomed to is never easy, and finding the right church home can prove to be difficult.

You spend months searching for a new sanctuary, making small talk in the congregation, and trying to connect through church school and other church activities.

You may find yourself getting frustrated when things aren’t like your home church or when you don’t feel yourself connecting with God and your spirituality, but it is all a part of the journey.

If you are on the search, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you make your decision to part ways with your old church or decide if a new church is right for you.

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1. Is this a church where I will be regularly fed by God’s Word?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is if the church and its Sheppard are leading you closer to God and his word. Evaluate how you feel when you enter inside the sanctuary. Do you feel God’s presence?

2. Is this church a place where I can connect with God and worship him freely without fear of judgment?

As you visit churches, take note of how you feel during the service. Do you feel comfortable among the congregation? Did you feel welcomed by the church elders? Do you feel like you can connect in the ways you want spiritually?

3.  Is there a place for me to serve in the church and opportunities to fellowship? 

Ask yourself, does this church have ministries that resonate with you and will help you grow as a Christian?

4. Is this where God wants me to be?

Before making your final decision, pray. Ask God if this is the place for you. Ask for signs and be sure your heart aligns in the same direction before making that commitment to the church, its leaders and most importantly, God.

Finding a new church home will never be an easy process. As you look for places that feed your spirit, be mindful and discerning.

Take your time, pray and fast if you need to. Remember to stay encouraged!


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