10 Pictures Of “Mea Culpa’s” Trevante Rhodes – Just Because

10 Pictures Of “Mea Culpa’s” Trevante Rhodes – Just Because

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Our water intake has increased drastically since Kelly Rowland’s “Mea Culpa” premiered on Netflix. If you’ve watched the film, then you know why.

In addition to providing audiences entertainment, fire fashion looks, and 120 uninterrupted minutes of Kelendria Rowland, the movie brings the heat with its steamy love scenes and sexual innuendos courtesy of Trevante Rhodes. Thanks to the leading man, some of us have watched the film more than once.

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Trevante plays “Zyair,” an unapologetically sexy and successful artist who is accused of killing his ex-lover and manipulating women to their deadly demise. He goes to Kelly’s character, “Mea,” a lawyer, for help.

Zyair has no problem turning on the heat and the charm. With a flash of his shiny teeth, a close-up shot of his smooth chocolate skin, and a glimpse of his chiseled chest, arms, and yams, despite her best efforts, Mea is hooked.

And so were audiences – hence, the collective increased H2O intake.

Trevante Rhodes has been fine since ‘Moonlight,’ fans are not surprised.

Social media has been abuzz with marriage proposals, hilarious memes, and “Trevante appreciation posts” since the film dropped. Love for the leading man is real – and fans can’t get enough.

Even our favorite celebrity home girl, Keke Palmer, had something to say about his yams. We agree, Sis, ‘them yams’ may just need their own Instagram account.


While much attention is on the Louisiana native now, he’s been in entertainment for some time. Fans have been on Trevante’s team since “Moonlight,” a 2016 breakout film by Barry Jenkins.

In the film, Trevante portrayed the adult “Chiron,” a gay man struggling with identity, family, and relationships. As a straight man in this role, Trevante pushed boundaries regarding how audiences see sexual orientation, acceptance, and culture. His performance compelled critics to call him an ‘actor to watch’ while audiences noted his unforgettable presence, fit physique, and swag on screen.

In other words, Trevante has been a vibe.

Following the success of “Moonlight,” Trevante continued to showcase his versatility, range, and charm across projects. In 2017, he appeared in “12 Strong,” and he’s also starred in “The Predator” and the TV drama “True Detective,” alongside Mahershala Ali.

Title after title, Trevante continues to bring the heat on screen, and we swoon every time. So here are ten pics of Trevante Rhodes – you’re welcome – and facts about the star just because.

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