Cowboy Core: 5 Staple Pieces To Show Off Your Western Style Like Beyoncé

Cowboy Core: 5 Staple Pieces To Show Off Your Western Style Like Beyoncé

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As a Houston, Texas native, Beyoncé has always been country, but her foray into country music really changed the game. Beyoncé became the first Black woman to debut at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and Billboard Top 100 with her crossover single “Texas Hold ‘Em.” Not only does she have us all singing country music (even Kevin Bacon was seen jamming to Bey’s infectious track), but she has us embracing Western style. From cowboy boots and hats to bolo ties, Beyoncé’s transition to the country genre has greatly influenced the cowboy core trend.

Cowboy Core and Western Style

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When Beyoncé surprisingly debuted the cover art for two new singles during the 2024 Super Bowl following a culture-bending commercial with Verizon that played during the Super Bowl, Beyonce did what she set out to do – break the internet. And also break some records in the process. Not only has Texas Hold ‘Em broken records and 16 Carriages already received the TikTok remix treatment, but other Black country artists have also seen surges in their streams. Western style was an emerging fashion trend that Beyonce kicked into the stratosphere with her cowboy boot.

Beyonce appeared in the Act II imagery debuting her sexy Western style. She sizzled in a black crop tuxedo jacket, chrome bralet, and a Stetson cowboy hat that strung it together. It was the beginning of Beyonce’s country era, but she had been hinting at it for a while.

According to WWD, Beyonce wore a white John B. Stetson cowboy hat, from her personal collection, paired with a Louis Vuitton short set to the 2024 Grammys. Because nothing Beyonce does is happenstance, she’s been working with the iconic brand on custom pieces to accessorize her transition into Western style.

“When Beyoncé decided to reconnect with her Texas roots and embrace Western style, she reached for the genuine article — Stetson,” Tyler Thoreson, Stetson’s vice president of marketing, said in an interview with WWD. “We’ve been working with her and her stylist on custom hats ever since, some of which she’s worn in public, others yet to make their debut,” he added.

She followed that look with a sparkling cowboy hat and scarf combo at fashion week when she sat front row to witness her nephew Julez make his runway debut. Because of Beyonce, searches for items like the bolo tie, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots have significantly spiked.

Get The Cowboy Core Look

BooHoo reports a 556% surge in searches for ‘bolo tie’ after Beyonce was seen wearing one in her Verizon commercial. WWD reports, “On Pinterest, searches for “Cowgirl aesthetic” have increased by 181 percent in the past 12 months, while “Western outfit ideas” went up by 166 percent, and “Country glam outfit” spiked by more than 200 percent in the same period.”

Cowboy core isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and if you want to get in on the trend, here are some staple Western-style pieces to add to your wardrobe. Channel your inner Beyonce below.

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