10 Celebrities Who Prove That Black Don’t Crack

10 Celebrities Who Prove That Black Don’t Crack

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Black people have been drinking from the fountain of youth, birthing the phrase “Black don’t crack.” Between our stellar genetics and the slab of Vaseline our parents used to smother on our faces as children, it has helped us defy the laws of aging.

We pride ourselves in the youthful glow of Black skin, but there’s a logical and scientific explanation for our radiance. The sun has harsh UV lights, and thanks to the protection properties in our melanated skin, we are less prone to the wrinkles that too much sun exposure can cause. Not to mention, our skin is a bit thicker than our Caucasian counterparts. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin, followed by the dermis. Black people are known to have a thicker dermis, which shields aging to a degree. Simply put, anti-aging is in our DNA.

Despite our innate ability to flex youthful skin, we are responsible for maintaining that glow through an adequate skincare routine. It is the combination of both our genetics and maintenance that validates the phrase “Black don’t crack.” Moisture is the key to healthy skin, as well as wearing sunscreen, properly removing makeup before bed, drinking lots of water, and consuming foods rich in antioxidants.

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We’ve talked about the scientific evidence behind why black doesn’t crack, but we witness visual proof every time we see celebrities like Angela Bassett or Gabrielle Union on the scene. These women can rival women 20 years their junior, and they do it effortlessly. Union, 51, has looked 30 for most of her career. As she continues to add years to her existence, her proof of aging remains to be seen.

For these celebrities, aging gracefully is an understatement. Here are a few stars that define “Black don’t crack.”

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