T.I. and Tiny Harris Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault

T.I. and Tiny Harris Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault

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TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains explicit descriptions of alleged sexual assault.

Well this is definitely not a great start to the new year.

Rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris and his wife, singer/songwriter Tameka “Tiny” Harris, were hit with a lawsuit by a woman who claims that the couple drugged her and then took her to a hotel for a threesome.

According to TMZ, the plaintiff says the incident happened around 2005, at a party at late rapper Coolio’s L.A. home. The Jane Doe, stationed with the Air Force at the time, met a guy named “Caviar,” who allegedly worked for T.I. and Tiny.

While the couple didn’t attend the party, “Caviar” said that they would be at a local nightclub the following night. Jane Doe says they ultimately met at the club in the VIP section.

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The woman says that after 2 drinks on her own, Tiny allegedly handed her another drink. The lawsuit alleged that the plaintiff never saw Tiny sip on the drink, but Jane Doe took a sip and shared with a friend.

As they left the club, the woman claims that T.I. asked her to ride with him and Tiny, while her friend would ride with “Caviar,” who said they were all going to the same place.

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Allegedly, that was not the case as the woman says 2 other women she didn’t know got in the SUV, riding with her and the couple to a hotel room. The two other women were ultimately kicked out because one was flirting with T.I. too much.

Here’s the rest of the story, from TMZ (TRIGGER WARNING):

Once it was just the 3 of them … she alleges Tiny took her into the bathroom, where she took off both of their clothes and then a naked T.I. joined them and they all got in the shower.

Afterward, she claims she was starting to feel lightheaded and extremely dizzy, and T.I. told her to go to the bed. While he watched some porn, she alleges he handed her massage oil and demanded she give him a rub down. Eventually, Tiny joined them and allegedly pinned the woman on her stomach and began rubbing and grinding her naked body on plaintiff.

While that was happening, she alleges T.I. penetrated her vagina with his toe, and she told him “no” as she tried to push him away. According to the suit, he got up and said he was going to get a condom — but the plaintiff says she went to the bathroom to vomit. She claims T.I. mockingly laughed at her and said, “Are you alright? Looks like you in last place.”

The plaintiff says she passed out until the next morning. She claims that her “vagina was in serious pain,” itching and burning. However, she was promptly escorted out by a security guard.

She is suing T.I. and Tiny for sexual battery, assault, negligence and false imprisonment.

The plaintiff is filing the suit under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act. The act opens a year-long window to revive civil action on claims beyond the statute of limitations.

A lawyer for T.I. and Tiny tells TMZ, “Not only are the claims bogus, but they missed the deadline to file the lawsuit.”

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