Star Power: States that Produce the Most Celebrities

Star Power: States that Produce the Most Celebrities

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Everyday a star is born, but depending on the birth state of that star, odds are they could become a celebrity quicker than they imagine!, has put together a list of the Top states that produce the most famous people.

“We used Wikipedia to gather a list of celebrities who originate from each U.S. state for the following categories: actors and actresses, singers and rappers, comedians, and athletes, which consisted of basketball players, American football players, baseball players and ice hockey players” Ticket source explained. “For each category, we then counted how many stars had been born in each state to create a ranking, before taking an overall number by combining all four categories.”

The Golden state ranks first (as expected), with a total of 12,793 Californian born celebrities. New York follows second on the list, with a total of 11,731 celebrities born in the Big Apple.

Pennsylvania ranks 4th on the top ten list, producing a total of 6,474 celebrities born in the Keystone state. Our Tri-state neighbors in New Jersey rank 9th on the list with a total of 3,854 native celebrities.

Here are the top ten states and how many stars they’ve produced:

No. 1: California – 12,793
No. 2: New York – 11,731
No. 3: Texas – 8,299
No. 4: Pennsylvania – 6,474
No. 5: Illinois – 5,720
No. 6: Ohio – 5,359
No. 7: Florida – 4,701
No. 8: Michigan – 4,001
No. 9: New Jersey – 3,854
No. 10: Massachusetts – 3,756

Check out the most famous celebrity in each of the Top 10 states below!

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