Passenger Seat Papi: Cam’Ron Shares Legendary Halle Berry & Larenz Tate Story

Passenger Seat Papi: Cam’Ron Shares Legendary Halle Berry & Larenz Tate Story

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If there’s one thing people all over the world absolutely love, it’s a classic story. Even more specifically, we love classic celebrity stories. Considering how they basically live their whole lives in the public eye, one might think that at this point, we’ve heard just about everything. Well, guess again. There will forever be instances where celebrities share moments and experiences that most people would never know about, or believe, if not for them saying anything. Legendary rapper Cam’Ron gave us one of those instances.

The 47 year-old Harlem, New York native was recently on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All The Smoke podcast. In the midst of the one hour and thirty eight minute interview, the trio touched on plenty topics including Cam’s rap career, his love for the NBA and even getting OJ Simpson on It Is What It Is (him and Mase’s sports podcast). Although those conversations were very entertaining, there was another involving two beloved celebrities that stole the show and had everyone talking afterwards.

Cam started off by acknowledging how much he loves Halle Berry. He continued by letting the guys know that the story took place in Los Angeles around the time he had just gotten a record deal. The Diplomats leader recalled going to an ATM after he finished playing basketball. While there, his friends alerted him that Halle Berry was right next to him. Although he didn’t have a haircut or a shirt on, Cam didn’t let the opportunity pass him by. He asked Halle if he could talk to her really quick, to which Berry declined. After convincing her to hear him out, Cam says he followed her to her car. Berry then rolled down her window just enough for Cam to slide her his promo cassette tape. Cam added that while this was happening, he noticed that there was a man laid back in the passenger seat.

This Halle Berry & Larenz Tate Story That Cam’ron Told Is Legendary

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Cam fast forwards the story to six years later (at this point he’s platinum) at the American Music Awards. Cam remembers getting mad love from plenty of celebrities including Nelly and Tyson Beckford. Larenz Tate echoed the statements of the other big names in the room. Tate went a bit further though and told Cam that he had been one of his favorites for years. The big shocker of the story came when Tate admitted something to Cam. The “Hey Ma” artist claims that Larenz Tate disclosed that he was in the car with Halle Berry when Cam slid her his tape. Apparently, Tate grabbed the tape because he didn’t think Halle would know anything about that kind of music. The two shared a laugh about the unlikely occurance that only a few people in the world knew about.

How crazy is that though? You honestly never know who you’ll run into and who they are possibly connected with. It just goes to show the importance of believing in yourself, taking risks and networking. Shout out to the Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes for allowing Cam to share that legendary story. Hopefully there is plenty more where that came from!

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