Michael Jordan’s 1991 BMW 850i Is Up For Auction In Illinois

Michael Jordan’s 1991 BMW 850i Is Up For Auction In Illinois

Source: Bring a Trailer / Bring a Trailer

Being a billionaire affords you a lot of luxuries, which for Michael Jordan includes a pretty impressive car collection.

But it appears his collection rotates as the 1991 BMW 850i he owned until 1995 is looking for a new owner. Via an auction on Bring A Trailer, the whip has about 30,000 miles, with MJ approximately responsible for about 8,000 of those.

Outfitted with a luxe Mauritius Blue Metallic and a buttery leather interior, it boasts 17-inch rims and a power-operated sunroof, which were probably top-of-the-line almost 30 years ago.

And don’t worry, you’re not getting tricked into thinking just any ’90s BMW belonged to his Airness; the owner has proof.

“This E31 is offered by the seller on behalf of the owner with documentation bearing Michael Jordan’s signature, manufacturer’s literature, a stamped service booklet, a clean Carfax report, and a clean Illinois title in the owner’s name,” the listing reads.

The car still remains in Illinois, where Jordan played most of his career. It also has no history of accidents or major work and even had an oil change as recently as May 2023.

Perhaps the biggest flex is the license plates that read “M AIR J,” proving that Jordan wanted to travel in style, not incognito.

If you’re interested in owning a car that Jordan owned through his 3-peats as a Chicago Bull, it’s currently going for $30,000 with about six days left to bid.

Rapper Cam’ron is another star who recently had one of his old toys, a pink Range Rover, pop up for sale. In 2004, he admitted he sold it because it got way too popular after he featured it in the “Killa Cam” music video.

“When I drive it, it’s a headache. My driver be signing autographs if he’s in there by himself. No matter who’s driving, if they are in that car, you’re a star,” Cam told MTV at the time. “If your grandmother got in that driver’s seat, she’s gonna be signing autographs. It just attracts attention. That’s why I put it in the video.”

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