Jonathan Majors Says “Prayer” Is Helping Him Deal With Guilty Assault Verdict: “God Is Good”

Jonathan Majors Says “Prayer” Is Helping Him Deal With Guilty Assault Verdict: “God Is Good”

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Jonathan Majors appears to be trying to stay positive and in good spirits amid the perceived demise of his career following the domestic violence allegations leveled at him by his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, and the subsequent guilty verdict he received after the trial. Or at least that’s what he’s telling the media.

A reporter from TMZ caught up with the Lovecraft Country actor on Monday in West Hollywood and asked him how he’s “holding up” following the verdict, in which Majors was convicted of one count of misdemeanor third-degree assault and one count of second-degree harassment, two out of the four charges against him.

Jonathan Majors gets asked about getting dropped from multiple roles after the verdict by TMZ

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“God is good…God is great,” Majors said when asked how he’s doing. He also said the “prayer” and “faith” are keeping him positive at a time when he quickly plummeted from rising star to embattled celebrity.

The TMZ reporter asked the Creed III star what his plans are as an actor now that he has been dropped from various projects following the news of the allegations and conviction, to which Majors replied, “I think that’s enough for now” while walking away.

After last month’s guilty verdict, Majors was officially dumped by Marvel Studios after briefly playing the role of Kang the Conquerer in the MCU. And that came after he had already been losing roles and endorsement deals shortly after news broke of the domestic violence allegations by Jabbari, who was arrested in October and briefly charged with assault and criminal mischief before the charges were dismissed the same month.

The fine folks at TMZ aren’t the only ones who have been wondering if Majors’ career has any chance of bouncing back after the turmoil created by the scandal. After all, it can be argued (and has been argued to death) that plenty of white male actors have done things as bad or worse than what Majors was convicted for, and their careers remained intact.

So, will Jonathan Majors return to the big or small screen, or will we remain a tragic and cautionary tale about how superstars can fall as fast as they rise? Only time will tell.

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