Congratulations! LaLa Milan Welcomes Her First Baby

Congratulations! LaLa Milan Welcomes Her First Baby

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LaLa Milan is officially a ‘WHOLE MOM!’

On January 22, the comedian and internet personality welcomed her first child to the world. Lala broke the news on January 26 with a carousel post on Instagram. Images include the new mom lovingly looking at her bundle of joy, friends and family in the hospital, and LaLa and her boyfriend, Tyler Parker, holding their son.

“He’s here! After 12 hours of Labor, Baby Boy safely arrived into this world on 1/22/24 ,” LaLa wrote on Instagram. “I’m officially a WHOLE MOM!! God is amazing.”

LaLa and Tyler first announced they were expecting in October 2023. LaLa joked with ESSENCE during an exclusive interview that she became pregnant after struggling with finding the right birth control pills. 

“Listen, I tried to get on birth control multiple times. Each time I went to the OBGYN they had the wrong birth control. It happened three times!” explained the Los Angeles resident. “And by the time they got it right, they called and said, ‘We have your birth control ready.’ I said, ‘I’m pregnant.’

LaLa Milan shares her motherhood journey with fans

Leaning into what has fueled her career, LaLa got intimate, personal, and candid with fans while preparing to be a new mom. She shared funny videos on Instagram about her experience, spoke about her physical difficulties with her first trimester, gave fans a glimpse into her gender reveal and baby shower, and even previewed baby food with friends.

After watching LaLa’s content, we all feel like ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ at this point.

One of the sweetest videos LaLa posted showed her surprising her mother with the news of the new baby. LaLa lovingly named him “Baby Tinkay.” In the video, LaLa’s mother said she prayed for a grandchild, screamed once she heard the news, and hit the couch saying, “Won’t He do it?”

See LaLa’s adorable surprise video below.

Since this week’s announcement, well-wishes have poured in over social media. We are joining in. Congratulations, LaLa, on “Baby Tinkay,” your blessed bundle of joy!


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