A Sizzling New Reality Show “The Impact: NY” Premiers Featuring the City’s Top Black influencers

A Sizzling New Reality Show “The Impact: NY” Premiers Featuring the City’s Top Black influencers

Story written by Jazmyn Summers

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Get ready for a hot new reality show “The Impact New York” dropping on VH1 tonight.  It’s a spinoff of the successful BET+ show “The Impact Atlanta” focusing on the city’s influencers and trendsetters.

Radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers reporting for Radio One caught up with some of the cast at the recent glitzy New York premiere.  Rapper, mom, and Instagram model Chinese Kitty, says get ready for a wild New York ride:

“This boss is ready to set new trends. It’s going to be a taste of New York,” she tells Radio One. “It’s going to be real authentic New York City.”

The stunning beauty, who has reached almost 4 million followers on Instagram says her name has always fit her style:

“I’ve always been Kitty my whole life because I’m mysterious and cats are mysterious.  I’m a girl’s girl and a leader.  My storyline is about my career and my music.  New York is cutthroat and the industry I’m in is a cutthroat industry. People will get to know me and my hustle. I’m a little bit of drama.”

Many of the baddies featured on the show have as many followers as an entire small country,

Bernice Burgos, 43, boasts over 7 million followers. She is a glamorous mom of two and grandmother to one. She’s steadily rated as one of the finest video vixens ever for her work with artists like Rick Ross, Drake and J. Cole. Beyond her successful modeling career, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Bold & Beautiful, a sleepwear line designed to empower women of all shapes and sizes. Her brand champions confidence and inclusivity. She spilled a little advice for others who want to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps.

“Keep going for your dreams and stay focused on what you wanna do,”she shares with Radio One.

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Ashley Burgos,  27, is the mother of Bernice’s only grandchild. Despite being about 15 years apart, Ashley revealed that the same men approach her and Bernice Burgos.

“Guys, be trying to talk to me and my mom. It’s so weird, And before I write a dude back, I will go to her DM first, just to make sure we straight,” Ashley says.

But despite the two always being together, Ashley says she will get her own spotlight on the show.

“It’s more my own separate storyline. And its poppin’,” she promises.

DreamDoll , with over 5 million followers, is a female rapper who has been on VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and ‘College Hill: Celebrity’ on BET+.  She will be bringing her hip hop chic and iconic fashion style to the show:

“I’m super excited to be part of this highlighting my impact and everything I got going on beyond the music.  You’ll see who I really am. You can expect rawness, realness. I’m literally being vulnerable letting y’all in my life, “she discloses.

Maleni Cruz is a viral Brooklyn, NY favorite reppin’ her Dominican roots.  Her viral videos, often with her partner Chicklet (Steven Negron), have earned her recognition for being outspoken, assertive, and funny. What can we expect from her on the show?

“You can expect the realness vibe that I bring. The comedy, the authenticity.”

We’ll meet her boo and comedy partner Chicklet:

“Laugher keeps us together,” she dishes. “And you’ll get our spicy vibe on the show.”

Her advice to aspiring influencers?

“Stay authentic to yourself. Try to really own that. And regardless of what you see on social media, be true.”

Who are some of the other cast members ?

Cleotrapa, is an influencer and recording artist from Staten Island, New York. At 25, she’s known for blending inspirational messaging and satirical commentary on everyday life, drawing in her following of well over a million across various platforms.

Cleo reveals the show will be a “little ratchet but classy New York ratchet” and shares that “I embody the New York hustle by staying consistent and never giving up. I want people to know that Cleo is really that girl not just that girl on social media but that girl in real life.”

She says she’s going to be herself, “Now take that marinate, inhale it, soak it, and fry it. I stand on business; business doesn’t stand on me.”

Ella Rodriguez
Known in her hometown of Bronx, NY, as Ella Bands,  she is one of New York’s most prominent social media influencers.  In 2015. Ella, alongside her longtime partner Artist, better known as rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, embraced the joys of parenthood, and are raising two beautiful children together. With an impressive Instagram following of nearly 2.3 million and nearly 10 million overall engagements on TikTok, Ella’s influence is a force to be reckoned with.

Scot Louie
Scot Louie, is an acclaimed celebrity fashion stylist from Brooklyn, NY known for his work with stars like Ryan Destiny, Normani, Victoria Monét, Lil’ Kim, and Keke Palmer. He’s a trendsetter influencing millions in the fashion world with his signature hashtag #fashionNEEDSme.

VH1’s latest reality series, “Impact NY,” is set to take viewers on a captivating journey through the dynamic lives of a diverse group of individuals, all seeking to make their mark in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Against the iconic backdrop of the Big Apple, this show promises a thrilling mix of ambition, drama, and the undeniable energy that defines the city.

Source: Jazmyn Summers / Jazmyn Summers

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