25 Best Black Comedians-Turned-Actors

25 Best Black Comedians-Turned-Actors

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock today, veteran comedic actor Katt Williams completely took over the internet for much of the past 24 hours following a very viral interview with Super Bowl Champ Shannon Sharpe on his popular podcast platform, Club Shay Shay.

For a duration of just under three hours, the veteran standup comedian let off a relentless tirade against a handful of his peers in the game. Aside from Dave Chappelle, Wanda Sykes and the late Bernie Mac, it appeared that pretty much no one was spared.

…heck, even Jussie Smollett and Jonathan Majors caught strays, and neither of them even does standup!


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Although Katt’s wildly controversial opinion(s) are his and his alone, the interview did get us thinking about the many comedic greats of the game, both past and present, that made seamless transitions from standup to starring roles over the years. While making a move to Tinseltown can seem like a common rite of passage for many comedians now, it takes real talent to not only balance both careers successfully but also make it feel believable on both sides of the spectrum.

From namesake sitcoms to leading roles in blockbuster hits, these 25 comedians we decided to highlight are the kings and queens when it comes to mastering comedy shows, cinema and the place in-between where both worlds intersect. Katt Williams may not agree with all of our choices, but he along with the rest of them are definitely due their flowers since the topic is at the center of discussion as of late.

Keep scrolling to see who we chose as the 25 all-time greatest Black comedians that successfully turned into actors. Let us know who we forgot and/or who makes it on your personal list:


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