15 Best Celebrity Brand Partnerships

15 Best Celebrity Brand Partnerships

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A good celebrity endorsement deal that makes perfect sense can be one of the most rewarding experiences for fans who also happen to be daily consumers. Not to mention, things can be pretty lucrative for both parties in the grand union.

For that reason, and many others that you can research on your own time, the world briefly went into a standstill earlier today (January 8) when golf icon Tiger Woods announced that his partnership with Nike — a multi-multimillion-dollar deal that’s been tight-knit for the past 27 years — is finally coming to an end.




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Confirmed by The Swoosh as well with utmost mutual respect (seen above), the huge announcement marks an ending to a fruitful relationship that’s been unwavering through good times, even greater times and yes, even those not-so-paparazzi-perfect moments that Tiger found himself in over these past two decades. Still, as many speculate what could be the reason to end a deal that many believed to be lifelong — passing the ranks to Charlie? Buying stake in On Cloud à la Federer? — there’s a great beauty in watching one amazing chapter end with the anticipation of a new one beginning in the near future.

With all confidence, it’s safe to say that Nike’s “Tiger Woods: Same Dream” campaign that followed his epic comeback at the 2019 Masters will forever tug at the heartstrings of sports fans and dreamers everywhere.



It got us thinking about many other magical moments in celebrity endorsement history that will forever remain etched in the minds of many. Each making for the perfect union where the star never appeared to be out of their comfort zone and the brand managed to highlight all that makes that person so marketable, we chose 15 of the best throughout history that we hope will stand as shining examples for future stars to follow in.


As we bid a farewell to Nike x Tiger Woods, keep scrolling for 15 other celebrity brand partnerships that will forever hold a place in our hearts as star-struck consumers — some of these commercials are very nostalgic:


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