Ziwe Chaotically Interviews Expelled Congressman George Santos, Social Media Reacts

Ziwe Chaotically Interviews Expelled Congressman George Santos, Social Media Reacts

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Former New York Rep. George Santos—the man who conned his way into Congress and was recently expelled—must understand deep down that he’s a joke. Why else would he agree to sit down for a spoof interview by spoof interviewer Ziwe and her spoof CNN network “ZNN”? He had to know he was going to get mocked to death. And if he did know, he was a really good sport about it and played right into Ziwe’s hands.

From Variety:

Ziwe’s “ZNN” interview, a CNN spoof with her own Ziwe News Network, began with onscreen text saying “No congressman were paid in the making of this interview even though George asked three times.” She then listed civil rights icons and asked Santos to say what they meant to him. The list included Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin, Harvey Milk and Bowen Yang’s “SNL” impression of Santos — which he said deserves an EGOT.

When asked if he would want Yang to play him in HBO’s movie about him, Santos said “that movie is not ever going to happen. That book has no perspective of me or anybody close to me. It’s fucking fiction,” referring to Mark Chiusano’s novel “The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos.”

Listen: When you are a politician who got in the game by lying about your educational credentials, your work experience as a Wall Street employee, charities you founded, your race and ethnicity, and much more, and you’re currently indicted on more fraud charges than your average elected official can keep up with—you’re definitely not in the position to be calling anything “f-cking fiction.” Santos should just leave the word “fiction” out of his lexicon. It’s like Donald Trump telling people they have bad tans. It’s like Candace Owens calling someone a house negro. It’s like Kanye demanding that bigots tone down the antisemitism.

Also, while Ziwe was asking Santos about civil rights icons he identifies with, she should have mentioned Rosa Parks, since she’s the one the ex-congressman had the off-white caucasity to compare himself to.

During the interview, Santos went on to talk about how he doesn’t “see color” despite the fact that he got caught lying about being of multiple POC races and ethnicities. (So, not only does he see color, but he sees it where it doesn’t exist.) The MAGA-loving Republican also made the erroneous claim that “Gen Z loves Trump,” because, like many in the GOP, he wants desperately to believe Trump is beloved by young people, despite the fact that exit polls and most polls keep saying the opposite. (To be fair, young people don’t like Joe Biden either.)

Anyway, it was a pretty entertaining un-serious interview. Santos should book Funny Marco next.

See how social media’s reacting to the interview below.

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