Will Smith Admits To Trying To Sound Like Rakim On “Summertime”

Will Smith Admits To Trying To Sound Like Rakim On “Summertime”

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For decades there were rumors that the iconic Rakim Allah was the ghostwriter behind Will Smith’s classic cut “Summertime.” Although those rumors were eventually debunked, Will Smith has finally copped to a different allegation surrounding his timeless hit.

Earlier this week, Will Smith put on a show for the ages when he took the stage at the Grammy Salute to 50 Years of Hip-Hop event in which he performed some of his classic cuts including the aforementioned “Summertime.” But the real shocker came after the show when he admitted that Rakim was the inspiration behind his sound on the Grammy Award-winning song.

In a video posted online, we find Will Smith kicking it in a hotel room with his fellow Hip-Hop peers and other industry insiders talking about the show. One Rakim Allah was also in attendance when Will Smith finally told the God what we’ve all been wondering for decades, “I was absolutely trying to sound like you on “Summertime.”

With everyone including Rakim breaking out into laughter, Smith explained why he went that route on the song saying, “Cause I had been screaming all night, and I couldn’t get my ‘happy-go-lucky’ high voice, and Hula [the producer] just said, ‘Yo, just gimme that Rakim shit.’”

And a classic was born.

Rakim found the entire story entertaining as he couldn’t stop smiling (probably the first time we’ve ever seen the God smile in his life). Now we all know for certain that even though Rakim didn’t ghostwrite the song (he denied writing the song years ago), the rap legend was the inspiration behind Will Smith’s biggest song of his life.

Check out Will Smith talk about the song at the 2:40 minute mark below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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