Watch: North West Performs New Song From Kanye West’s New Album ‘Vultures’

Watch: North West Performs New Song From Kanye West’s New Album ‘Vultures’

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Kanye West previewed his upcoming joint album Vultures with Ty Dolla $ign at a club in Miami during Art Basel. The project boasts several collaborators, including a crowd favorite from his 10 year old daughter North West. Check out a clip from their special performance inside.

Though Ye hasn’t confirmed the official release date for his upcoming album, knowing the rebel Gemini it could be a few days away. The rapper used Art Basel to give fans a sneak peek inside the project he’s been working on. The full-length album titled Vultures was previewed at a “rave” in a club in Miami with several fans in attendance. There were several big names in the hip hop supporting him, including his eldest daughter, North.

From the performance, fans deduced that North has at least one feature on the project. She rapped a few lines over a beat, which includes a sample from Grammy award-winning artist James Blake.

In the short viral clip, North happily raps her own lyrics saying:

“It’s your bestie / Miss, Miss Westie / Don’t tryna test me / It’s gonna get messy / It’s gonna get messy / Just, just bless me / Bless me.”

It’s a sing-song rap that she delivered to an applauding audience, who supported both her and her father, Ye.

Will North have her own career in music, following in her dad’s footsteps?

Fans and music critics ook forward to West’s new album, especially after his previous “antisemitic” comments over a year ago nearly destroyed his career. Ye has always been vocal on political and social commentary, and it appears a few lost brand deals won’t stop his show. He’s remained quiet since then, but now he’s back to pop his sh*t.

Alongside a performance with his daughter, frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign was also present and the two have formed the superduo named ¥$. The two have reportedly finished their joint album Vultures, with the lead single and title track emerging in November. The single didn’t form well, but fans and critics still have hopes for the full project.

Will you check it out?

Check out the short clip from North West’s performance below:

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