The Beyhive Hilariously Reacts To Blue Ivy Saving ‘Diva’ On The ‘Renaissance’ Setlist

The Beyhive Hilariously Reacts To Blue Ivy Saving ‘Diva’ On The ‘Renaissance’ Setlist

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A clip from Beyoncé’s Renaissance film, where Blue Ivy saves “Diva” from being dropped from the Renaissance World Tour setlist has gone viral. In the same clip, Beyonce also gently corrects Blue Ivy’s behavior. The recording shows Beyonce discussing her setlist with her team and perhaps dropping the fan favorite “Diva” from the rundown when Blue Ivy, seated near her mother with a notebook, interjects to assert her opinion. Bey corrects her saying, “I appreciate your opinion, but calm down. You can’t cut people off.” It’s one of the authentic moments of the documentary style concert film that peels back the veil on Beyoncé as a mother.

Beyoncé: Let’s remove Diva from the set list

Blue Ivy:

— Terrance, No Howard (@thunter86) December 1, 2023

Blue Ivy Saves “Diva”

Despite Bey giving Blue the Black mama treatment, fans quickly noted “Diva” remained on the set list and had it not we wouldn’t have gotten the meme-worthy viral moment when she pointed to a fan and exclaimed, “You ain’t no diva.”

Beyonce’s Renaissance film premiered in theaters on December 1 and the Beyhive has been giving it the concert treatment — showing up in their best looks, turning up in the theaters, doing the mute challenge, and reflecting on the cultural shift of Renaissance.

Blue Ivy’s growth can be seen throughout the Renaissance film. In a shared clip on X, Beyoncé talks about her hesitation to allow Blue to perform on the tour. “Blue Ivy’s performance was only supposed to be a one-off, and even that took some negotiating. “She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no.”

Jay Z’s presence is also in the film. At one point he talks pridefully about being in sync with Blue. “I know when you’re feeling it,” he explained. “And just seeing you up there with your mom, and y’all chemistry, and ya’ll love. And your mom – watching her back there – her mouth, her face was back there like this,” he said emulating an overwhelmed with emotion Beyonce. “I can’t contain it. She’s likes to bust out her face. She can’t even like smile anymore. she at the end of her smile, she like…”

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