Symone Sanders-Townsend Gathered GOP Rep After Debunking His Lies

Symone Sanders-Townsend Gathered GOP Rep After Debunking His Lies

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MSNBC host Symone Sanders-Townsend blasted a Republican politician on-air for false claims about her and President Joe Biden.

In another example of what not to do with Black women on top of their game, MSNBC host Symone Sanders-Townsend embarrassed a Republican member of the House of Representatives who appeared on her show over the weekend. Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee found himself in a corner unable to answer the host’s questions on why he supported the House’s inquiry to impeach President Joe Biden.

“You all are saying that you’re going to follow the facts in the inquiry, but there has been no evidence that has been produced that the president committed a high crime or misdemeanor while he was president. And so if you don’t find any evidence, at what point will the inquiry be considered concluded?” Sanders-Townsend asked.

Burchett then rattled off false claims about payments linked to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, which Republicans claim is proof that the president took advantage of his office. “I haven’t heard a high crime or misdemeanor yet,” the host replied. “Are you gonna let me answer the question, ma’am? I know you’re a Democrat operative and work for a Democrat consulting firm, but —” Burchett began.

“Alright, congressman, let’s do it then,” Symone cut in swiftly, adding that they are “out of time, but we’re gonna do it. I did use to advise a number of individuals, I’ve also advised some corporations and companies, but here I’m just here to be an advocate for the viewer,” she said. “And I will ask you one last time. What is the evidence that the committee has that Joe Biden, while he was president, committed a high crime, misdemeanor, or treason? Because that is the bar for an impeachment inquiry.”

Burchett responded, “You have to ask yourself, ma’am, why a vice president or a president would get $40,000 through a Chinese communist corporation…” It was at that point that Sanders-Townsend cut him off. “With that thank you very much, congressman it’s always a pleasure, you just can’t come on here and lie,” she said. The impeachment inquiry by the House Republicans has drawn many critics who feel its nothing but a distraction – Burchett is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump and voted to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position earlier this year.

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