Hair Mystery Solved: Chloe Bailey’s Hairstylist Drops Gems On Recent Head-Turning Look

Hair Mystery Solved: Chloe Bailey’s Hairstylist Drops Gems On Recent Head-Turning Look

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From her gorgeous locks and natural styles to her luscious lace fronts and pixie wigs, Chloe Bailey’s hair keeps the heads turning. 

She is a well-known hair chameleon – and with each change, fans wonder how her switch-up game remains unmatched. And more importantly, the girlies are asking just what sorcery is happening to make her locs re-and-disappear so flawlessly. That is until now.

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Fesa Nu, Chloe’s stylist and self-described “hair poet,” has broken her silence about a recent look worn by the singer to the 2023 Kennedy Honors. Chloe ate the girlies up in a chic, retro-style wispy pixie cut and glamorous pink gown while gracing the D.C. stage in honor of Dionne Warwick.

Fesa Nu uses two wigs to help achieve Chloe Bailey’s Kennedy Center style.

Taking to Instagram, the Fesa, whose real name is Kenya O’Neil, explains how she achieved the look. She drops gems for the natural girlies looking for a bit of versatility.

Fesa captions her December 6 post, “I used 2 wigs for this look. I don’t always use 2 wigs but If you have a lot of loc’s & want a shorter look I suggest 2 maybe even 3. The more the loc’s the less the wig coverage you’ll have.”

The LA native, who has worked with Chloe’s sister, Halle, Alicia Keys, and Yara Shahidi, to name a few, also urges loc wearers not to keep their locs no matter what style they want to achieve. She writes to fans, “Dear Loc girlies please don’t cut your loc’s & reattach them. ”

See the Fesa’s full post below.

Fesa Nu draws inspiration from Africa, creates her own hair lane.

With some of Chloe Bailey’s hair sorcery explained, we can’t help but learn more about her hair poet. Fesa reigns from her homeland of South Africa, and her techniques are rooted in African tradition.

According to Vogue, she draws inspiration from her homeland nation and other African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana. Fesa told the fashion publication, “These days I actually get offended when people consider me a hairstylist. No disregard to hairstylists out there because that’s where I started.”

Fesa continues, “A lot of times when styling, we’re put into a box where we’re expected to do what everyone else wants and barely get to showcase what we love. I call myself a hair poet so that people know what they’re going to get when they book me. You’re going to get some poetry.”


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