Cedric the Entertainer Dishes on Family, Career and Dropping a Christmas Album

Cedric the Entertainer Dishes on Family, Career and Dropping a Christmas Album

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Few luminaries shine as brightly as Cedric the Entertainer, a multifaceted artist whose talent et.comacting, and hosting. Now the comedic maestro is adding music artist and producer to his resume with the release of “Soul of Christmas” an album described as a harmonious fusion of soul, R&B and jazz. 

Born Cedric Antonio Kyles in Jefferson City, Missouri, Cedric’s journey to stardom was firmly planted in stand-up comedy. He originally called himself “Cheerio” before being asked by the cereal company not to use the name and Cedric the Entertainer was born. 

He made waves on the stand-up circuit, earning respect and admiration for his sharp wit, relatable humor, and infectious energy.  His magnetic stage presence catapulted him into the mainstream, eventually leading to his breakthrough role on the groundbreaking comedy series “The Steve Harvey Show.”

Whether tickling funny bones on stage, or eliciting belly laughs in blockbuster comedies, Cedric the Entertainer continues to be a formidable presence in the entertainment industry, leaving an enduring legacy as a true icon of laughter and joy.

He sits down with radio/tv personality Jazmyn Summers for BET.com to talk about being a family man, his career, and his new role as music artist/producer.

Jaz: You just released an album, “Soul of Christmas” that you and your children sing on.  Should we call you DJ Cedric or MC Cheerio?

 Cedric the Entertainer:  My name is Ced, and it starts with a C, and I started thinking about what goes with that. And I’m thinking of course “Cheers” goes with laughter and so….Cheerio! S I decided to go with that, and then true story: General Mills sent a cease and desist letter basically telling me that wasn’t going to fly. So now it’s just Cedric but this album is something fun we did. We love this time of year, and its full of great collaborations. Not only me, I’m singing on it and I got my kids on there. But then so many wonderful artists like DJ Romeo, Major and Dave Koz.


Jaz:  You just released an album, “Soul of Christmas” that you and your children sing on.  Should we call you DJ Cedric or MC Cheerio?

Cedric the Entertainer:  You know they bad.  My son did one little ooh woo woo  in the background and now he talkin about ain’t nobody coming to see you, the coming for me. He think he’s the lead singer now.  He can’t be junior up there.  It was just great. My daughter got a really sweet voice. My son he was having a good time singing on it, and did some backgrounds, and he got that funny bone. He’s silly like me. So, he instantly started to hit up Silas, the producer, talking about what he needed to get paid and how many points he would get on the record.


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Jaz:  You’ve been married almost 25 years and are a proud daddy of three and now a pop pop, a  grandfather. What are your thoughts on Cedric the family man.

 Cedric the Entertainer:  The greatest legacy that we leave is our families. You can have riches. You can do all these things but what you leave that is most important are the human beings you bring into the world. That’s the greatest accomplishment.  And of course, having a wonderful wife to be able to be so dynamic in creating our household as well as in the development of my children has just been wonderful. I work hard to honor all that and try to teach them to do the same thing. Everybody got to put something in the basket. 


Jaz:  You’ve been married to a beautiful sister, Lorna Wells since the 90’s.  That’s got to be hard, especially in Hollywood where you live your lives in public?

 Cedric the Entertainer: We’re coming up on the 25th? It’s some kind of milestone when you do 25 years. In Hollywood that’s hall of fame status.   My wife is not a social media kind of personality. She a real OG from LA. So you know, her love is sincere and direct and purposeful and she makes sure that I return that. I’ve learned to love that about us. The rest of Hollywood has nothing to do with us being a famous couple.  It’s about us being a couple to each other. That’s what we wake up and do. That’s really been a blessing, the way that we approach it and stay off the grid. So a lot of respect, a lot of love, a lot of laughter, a lot taking the time to be the object of each other’s affection.


Jaz:  What are your plans for the holidays? 

 Cedric the Entertainer:  The holidays are always great.  We got some family friends in town right now and my sister’s birthday was just yesterday. We celebrate that and that kicks things off. So, we’ll have a little celebration around the house. Then we do the Christmas morning breakfast at the house where everybody come around, the kids, all my kids’ friends. Then we do a little gift giving and then go to my wife’s best friend’s house for Christmas dinner.  That’s our tradition.  And then I’ll go on tour right before the New Year. So I get out and go sling, some jokes at the end of the year. If you’re in the Atlanta, DC, Chicago or Houston, I’m in those cities from the 28th to the 31st, popping off. 


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Jaz: The strike is over and you’re back on the hit TV series “Neighborhood”. How does it feel and what can we expect on the show? 

 Cedric the Entertainer: The strike was tough on so many people up and down the totem pole of what it takes to do a show. A lot of people really needed these jobs to come back. We got an exciting season. The family is growing. You might see some additions coming to the “Neighborhood” family. Last season I sold my business and then by the time we got to the end of the season, me and my youngest son had started a new business.  We want to show that people can grow, that life changes, especially as your kids get older and more in charge of their lives. You want to be able to support their dreams and then lead them into the life they see. And so that’s what we’re doing in this.. And you heard it first here, it may be a really great opportunity for us to develop a spin-off with my sons from this show. That’s what I want to do. 


Jaz:  When you reflect on your over 25-year career, what would you say was the most incredible moment that just took your breath away? 

 Cedric the Entertainer:  I’ve had some really wonderful moments in my career.  The original “Kings of Comedy”  was one of those unique times.  Starting out as a stand up on small stages, performing, traveling in the car to go make people laugh and do jokes, riding all night 14 hours to go get a few bucks. And then to make it to where you’re doing arenas with your best friends, where y’all touring around the world and you shoot a movie that becomes one of the highest box office movies and you’re in control of it and  in control of your narrative was one of those unique moments in time that I think is really special. Even to this day to be recognized as one of the “Kings of Comedy” is unique and special.


Jaz:  And the most embarrassing moment?

Cedric the Entertainer On the “Kings of Comedy”, I fell for real.  I was doing a joke and I had on all black. And the stage was kind of dusty. When I stood up my whole outfit was dusty. I just made a joke out of it. But it’s one of those things that’s just permanently in your head.

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