Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Love Fur Coats – And So Do Other Fashionable Femcees

Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Love Fur Coats – And So Do Other Fashionable Femcees

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Cardi B isn’t happy with recent fan comparisons of her and Nicki Minaj’s fashion choices. The “BONGOS” star took to her Instagram stories directly addressing comments on December 23.

According to Page Six, Cardi responded to fans after some jumped in her comments comparing her white fur coat and platinum wig look to a similar one from Nicki Minaj. Both Cardi B fans and Nicki fans, also known as the Barbz, went back and forth on social media accounts, pages, and Twitter/X with thoughts and opinions. 

Cardi B speaks on fans mentioning she and Nicki Minaj recently had on a white fur coat

“I don’t watch these bitches, bitches can’t dress to me”

— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) December 23, 2023

Cardi B calls her  fur coat, “Archived.”

While on IG live, Cardi reportedly tells audiences that her coat is “archived” and an old selection from her closet. She says she only wore it to please her aunt.

 “I don’t watch these b*tches. B*tches can’t dress to me,” Cardi B said. She then added, “Y’all crying over an old a** coat. Suck my d**k.”

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Nicki seems to respond, “Still Queenin.’”

Nicki seems to have gotten wind of the social media debate. To the Barbz’ delight, she posted a two-slide carousel post. The first image shows Nicki in a buss-down middle part platinum blonde wig, a white and grey Chanel tank top, and silver sparkle boots. The second features a close-up of the Barbie girl in the same middle part wig with wide red-rimmed sunglasses.

Nicki dropped lyrics from “Pink Friday 2” song “Barbie Dangerous” to caption the photos. She wrote coyly, “B!Ches Jackin. I’m still Queenin.” So far, Nicki’s December 23 static post has more than 13K comments and over 900K likes.

Following Nicki’s recent post, fan commentary has picked up again. Some call Cardi’s style a copy cat while others disagree with Nicki’s response.

Nicki is so messy it’s ridiculous. She literally posted a pic of herself in a white fur coat like Cardi is copying her with that weird ass caption. She be picking. Be fr.

— Drea Drea (@Andrea_Michele) December 23, 2023

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj love fur moments – and so do many of their music peers.

While recent pictures show similarities between the beauties, the truth is fur is a style staple in hip-hop fashion culture. The same is true for colored wigs, dyed tresses, and custom units. 

Whether chinchilla, mink, faux, fox, or another kind, femcees love to rock the stand-out fabric. And, for many, the cold weather choice has helped several Black “it girls” like Cardi and Nicki define their brand and personal style. Further, the combination of colored hair and matching fur exemplifies the ’90s and ’00s music generation.

Hip-hop and R&B leading ladies, including Lil’ Kim, Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, Trina, Yung Miami, and Remy Ma, have all given the girlies fabulous fur looks and slayed every time.

As the Nicki-Cardi fashion debate continues, we’ve pulled a gallery of hip-hop and R&B’s finest in fur. Scroll to see looks.

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