Beyoncé Stops The World – Again – With Surprise 10th Anniversary Album Video

Beyoncé Stops The World – Again – With Surprise 10th Anniversary Album Video

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Ten years ago, HERstory was made with the ‘middle of the night’ release of Beyoncé’s self-titled album BEYONCE. The multihyphenate surprised fans with a celebratory post on Instagram on December 13. Whew, how time flies when you are BEYONCE!

It’s Her Anniversary: 10 Years of the BEYONCE album

Since Bey’s late-night social media reflection, the Bey Hive has come out in full force to support the momentous occasion. Double-clicking 1.25M likes and commenting 37K reactions on Instagram, and millions more tweets on X, fans are going wild about Beyonce’s self-made project, its impact on their lives, and its contribution to the music industry.

Only Beyoncé could create a moment to tell the world that she had changed it in the most epic and tasteful way possible. So, let’s say, for all intents and purposes, today is MUVA’s Day.

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The bombshell project gave us cultural classics like “Drunk in Love,” “Partition,” “Flawless,” “XO,” and “Pretty Hurts.” Whether a member of the Bey-Hive or not, many agree Beyoncé’s self-titled album had a significant impact on the music industry. The album’s late-night release kept fans on their toes, setting the stage for “midnight drops.” And it quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

For many, BEYONCE showcased a more personal and experimental side of Beyoncé never seen before. Fans, critics, and historians couldn’t get enough. With themes of feminism, empowerment, self-identity, and romantic love and a visual album format, BEYONCE pushed boundaries through musical storytelling and relatable topics.

Beyoncé stopped the world, again, dropping a surprise anniversary video.

Reflecting on this moment, Beyoncé dropped a surprise video on Instagram with an all-black cover that reads “10 YEARS” in pink letters. The reel is a compilation of behind-the-scenes videos, stage coverage, music videos, and fan reaction to the album.

“I still get scared with every album release,” Beyoncé says in the background. “I’m constantly searching for the deeper purpose of my art.”

Fans jumped into Beyoncé‘s comments on Instagram, commemorating the moment and reflecting on the decade with her. “You literally changed typical music release dates with this. Icon sh*t,” said one reflecting on the surprise release. Another fan admitted to needing a week to experience the music, saying, “I still remember when we were writing our grad school theses, and she dropped this. I didn’t write another page for a week.” And, another told Bey her immediate reaction saying, “I still remember screaming and spinning in circles on the floor when this album dropped. It is a core memory for me.”

As Beyoncé continues to innovate and change the world through her music, movies, presence, and fly style, we celebrate this 10-year anniversary! See the surprise video below – what were you doing 10 years ago?


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