2024 Movie Watchlist: 20 Must-See Films

2024 Movie Watchlist: 20 Must-See Films

Source: Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures

2024 is looking like the Year of Cinema! Gear up for a wave of sequels, trilogies, and origin stories hitting the silver screen. This cinematic year is uniquely marked by the arrival of films that experienced delays amidst Hollywood’s SAG-AFTRA strikes. While the strikes posed challenges, pushing back productions & release timelines for some movies, the upcoming year promises a handful of gems for cinephiles. Beyond the sequels— you can expect long-awaited biopics, highly anticipated animation films, and terrifying horror projects.

Let’s dive into what is slated to be an exciting year at the box office! Keep scrolling to explore 20 theatrical releases you can expect in 2024… 

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